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5 Important Aspects of Premium Banners

High-quality premium banners are a resonant way to communicate your message. Some might cut costs by making their own displays in-house, or find the cheapest possible option, but there are benefits to consider for having a premium print shop do it instead.

Material selection

When most people think of printers, they think of their home printer that uses simple 8.5 x 11 paper. Our large format printers can actually print on a surprising variety of materials: not only on paper but also canvas, fabric, or vinyl to name a few. Even within these types, there are many sub-types produced. For example, a vinyl banner material can vary in weight and thickness. Commercial printers know what materials are best for premium banners because they have the experience and expertise.


In addition to media selection, graphics of sufficient quality in nearly any format are usable. Many print shops offer free design services, including us, if you don’t have any graphics and are not sure what you want.

There’s a lot of flexibility in what dimensions and shapes to print on. Nearly any request can be met. Premium banners for multiple purposes, such as Roll-Up Banner, or if you need a compact retractable banner stand solution.

Print Quality

Using UV-resistant ink, printers transfer high-resolution graphics onto large dimensions. Expect an absence of printer derived artifacts; graphics printed by professional large format printers will be crystal clear. This applies across the entirety of all premium banners. You can expect rich colors and clean lines.


The combination of the above factors equal a product that can stand up in the multiple environments. A quality premium banner will last over a year in outdoor conditions regardless of the inclement weather it’s subjected too.


Trying to create your own custom banners could be more of a hassle than you realize, whether you think so or not. Cheap products won’t hold up very well. Premium print shops are simply more efficient and streamlined for creating the best premium banners possible. If you go with a quality printer, you’ll likely save money and prevent a headache in the end.

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