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Custom Coaster Weights: the Different Options

One of our best selling product lines are custom beverage coasters. They’re printed on European pulpboard: the best material on the market. Our default and most popular custom coaster weight is 60pt medium, however did you know that we can provide two other weights?

The Lightweight Custom Coaster

The 40pt lightweight is cheaper and noticeably thin, however we found that they warp after only a couple uses. A use case for this would be for a convention or trade show, or situations where high volume is needed but limited use of each coaster is anticipated. A beer festival would be the obvious example of this: with a constant flow of many people, coasters will quickly be used and discarded. Another potential good use is for this size for promotional reasons: give away custom coasters advertising your business or brand without having to spend more than necessary.

The Heavyweight Custom Coaster

Here at Big Media, 80pt heavyweight is our favorite. Stiff and sturdy, it’s the best choice for those that want the longest lasting product. It’s what we use in the office. A high end product, it’s what our most demanding clients choose. This weight is best suited for the busiest of bars, or simply if you want a longer lasting coaster. Do you need something that’s as absorbent at possible? This weight would be it.

At the end of the day it’s all about keeping you—the customer—in mind: ultimately we believe 60pt is the best balance between durability and cost. Regardless of what you choose, the printing quality will be the same. Our off-set printing process creates a superior product over other methods. Additionally, like most wholesale pricing, the larger the order, the cheaper the per unit cost.

Whether you’re a beverage company or just want to promote your brand, we have you covered. Check our custom coaster page for more details (Coasters) or CALL us at 651-207-7794!

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