Custom Printed Drink Coasters

Need to protect your surfaces from condensation and spills? We produce bulk custom printed drink coasters. Made with high quality pulpboard sourced from European spruce, and completely customized to your needs with full color printing on both sides. 

Use your graphics or let us design something for you. Colors will be printed as-is unless Pantone U codes are specified. You can find a Pantone U pallet online.

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Small and Inexpensive

When ordered in bulk, they’re only pennies per unit. This low cost translates to more impressions to more people, and a long lasting supply. Our coasters are durable and our most popular weight (60pt) can withstand multiple uses, thus just one coaster can be used by multiple people.

Totally Custom

They can be imprinted with your artwork or logo to ensure you get your message across. This includes any combination of words, photos, or graphics for this full color promotional product. Our standard shapes are circles or squares with rounded edges, however customs shapes are available upon request. Here at Big Media Printing, we offer a large range of creative options that are certain to grab the attention of your clients or potential customers.

Spread Your Brand

Custom promotional coasters are a unique and affordable way to promote your business in bars, taprooms, restaurants, hotels, trade shows, or anywhere drinks are being served. Coasters guarantee massive repeated exposure for your brand name, you never know where a coaster could end up.

Practical to Use

Besides being an innovative promotional product, coasters are a practical solution to protecting any surface. Their most popular use is with beer, although they work great with any beverage type, especially for coffee and cold drinks.

Our Job

We’re obsessed with providing excellent and responsive customer service. This means we’re easy to get a hold of and quick to respond back. If anything unsatisfactory arises with your project process, we will work quickly to resolve it. When matched with our equal goal of providing quality products, we believe we outperform others on the market.

Try Us Out

Not sure where to start? Let us help in designing, printing, and brainstorming ways to successfully build your coasters. Not only we customized coasters, we will also guide you on how to distribute them in the market. We want to help you succeed.

Want to create your own design? Download the template files here:

4.0 Round Coaster Template

4.0 Square Coaster Template

Custom Coaster Specifics

• No setup fees
• Full color on both sides
• 4″ round or square
• Common image files accepted

• Premium European pulpboard
• 2–3 week turnaround
• Rush ordering available for 60pt standard shapes
• Fancy or custom shapes available

Bulk Coaster Pricing

4″ Round or Square with Rounded Corners

Quantity40pt (Credit Card)60pt (Dime)80pt (Nickel)

Rush Ordering (60pt only)

Guaranteed to ship in 3 business days: Add 40%
Guaranteed to ship in 7 business days: Add 30%
Guaranteed to ship in 10 business days: Add 20%

Choose from Our Shape Library Below

Quantity40pt (Credit Card)60pt (Dime)80pt (Nickel)
2,500$550 ($0.22ea)$575 ($0.23ea)$656 ($0.26ea)
5,000$709 ($0.14ea)$743 ($0.15ea)$849 ($0.17ea)
10,000$1,230 ($0.12ea)$1,293 ($0.13ea)$1,525 ($0.15ea)
15,000$1,718 ($0.11ea)$1,808 ($0.12ea)$2,190 ($0.15ea)
20,000$2,005 ($0.10ea)$2,105 ($0.11ea)$2,843 ($0.14ea)
25,000$2,439 ($0.09ea)$2,571 ($0.10ea)$3,483 ($0.14ea)

Water drop coaster

Tear Drop

Triangle coaster


Square puzzle coaster

Square Puzzle

Special ribbon coaster

Special Ribbon

Shield badge coaster

Shield Badge

Scalloped edge

Scalloped Edge

Round puzzle coaster

Round Puzzle

Quote balloon coaster

Quote Balloon

Oval coaster


Ninja star coaster

Ninja Star

Mustache coaster


Hockey game coaster

Hockey Game

Hexagon coaster


Football game coaster

Football Game

Egg shape coaster

Egg Shape

Cloud shape coaster

Cloud Shape

Circle two holes coaster

Circle, Two Holes

Car coaster

Car Coaster

Basketball game coaster

Basketball Game

Octagon coaster


Create Your Own Shape Within 4″ x 4″ Dimensions

Quantity40pt (Credit Card)60pt (Dime)80pt (Nickel)
2,500$751 ($0.30ea)$774 ($0.31ea)$851 ($0.34ea)
5,000$978 ($0.20ea)$1,010 ($0.20ea)$1,110 ($0.22ea)
10,000$1,724 ($0.17ea)$1,783 ($0.18ea)$2,004 ($0.20ea)
15,000$2,428 ($0.16ea)$2,512 ($0.18ea)$2,877 ($0.19ea)
20,000$2,837 ($0.14ea)$2,922 ($0.15ea)$3,636 ($0.18ea)
25,000$3,404 ($0.14ea)$3,531 ($0.14ea)$4,397 ($0.18ea)

BMP Drink Coaster
Full Color Custom Printed Drink Coasters
Full Color Custom Printed Drink Coasters
Full Color Custom Printed Drink Coasters


Can you send me samples? Of course! We can send you a multi-coaster pack immediately. Email us a shipping address to [email protected] to request a sample pack.

How thick is 60pt material? 60pt material is approximately 1.4mm thick, similar to a quarter or nickel. 60pt pulpboard is the industry standard for bar/restaurant coasters.

What is pulpboard? Our coasters are produced using European spruce pulpboard. Spruce is the most absorbent wood material available so it creates the most durable custom drink coasters. Be cautious of using alternative coaster materials such as paper or cardboard, they will result in your beverage coasters quickly becoming tattered and soggy.

Do you offer color matching? Yes! Send us your CMYK or Pantone colors and our pre-press department will make sure your colors match.

How much is shipping? This depends on how many custom coasters you need. We will provide a quote before processing your order.

Can you help me with graphic design? We offer premium graphic design services for your coaster order at a flat-rate of $60. Whatever you need, satisfaction guaranteed.

We have an event coming up soon, can we get them on time? Normal production for a custom coaster order is roughly two weeks, plus transit. We offer three rush options for 60pt standard shapes only: guaranteed shipping in 3 days (40%), 7 days (30%), or 10 days (20%). Please email or call if you need a rush order.

How many versions can we have for our personalized coaster order? How many versions can we have for our personalized coaster order? You may use one full color design for the front, another full color design for the back, but every coaster must be identical per order. If you have more specific needs, please email us at [email protected].

Do you make custom shapes? Absolutely. We have a library of shapes to choose from, or we can make a custom die for a fee. There is an increased unit price, and longer production time on custom coaster shapes. Email or call to discuss pricing. 

Are there additional costs or fees? We only charge for printing and shipping of your custom coasters. Sales tax would apply if you are located here in Minnesota.

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