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Custom Coasters Custom Coasters

Custom Coasters

Keep countertops & tables dry with full color, double sided custom coasters. Environmentally friendly, printed with vegetable-based ink on recyclable pulpboard.
Custom Shaped Drink Coaster Shaped Coasters
Fun Shapes. Industry standard pulpboard. Used by all major breweries, restaurants, and hotels
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Custom Round Coasters
The happiest pulpboard advertisements at your bar, restaurant, or venue Get...
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Personalized Square Coasters Custom Square Coasters
Keep tables & countertops dry with two-sided, square custom coasters. As low as $0.0543...
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Get up to speed on what's happening with custom coasters:

Personalized coasters, or more commonly known as “beer coasters” are undoubtedly the most likeable, non-offensive form of advertising. Since the 1800’s bartenders have been mopping bar tops with custom coasters. Did you know that the first coaster was called a Beer Mat? They were made of felt, and originated in Germany decades before WW1. Felt bar coasters soaked up the extra suds, and were washed by hand and dried for the next patron. The coaster printing business certainly has it’s humble beginnings.

Instead of giving you the hassle of having to wash your own custom coasters, our industry now prints them on recycled pulpboard with vegetable based ink. Now you can dispose of them guilt-free. Once your customized coaster has been used a few times, your logo will dull with the mellow hint of beer stains. It is time to throw it away and replace it with one that looks brand new, and you can afford to do this because our custom coaster pricing is affordable.

Don’t put only a logo on your custom printed drink coaster. Think outside the box. Visit our custom coaster shapes library and check out creative ideas on non-traditional drink coaster shapes. Hexagon, teardrop, and puzzle are only a few of the shapes that will catch extra attention at the bar. We also have traditional round coasters, and also square coasters. Think creatively. Put an offer, such as “50% off your first visit” so that your drink coaster becomes a coupon that customers take with them. Use bright colors in your design, why not take full advantage of our custom drink coasters?

Keep in mind that you may use different creatives for each side of your custom coaster. One side can (and should) feature your branding, while the other side should contain information such as: a special offer, a map of your business location, a funny joke or a serious statement. It’s up to you on how you want to advertise with your personalized coasters.

Do the math. Let’s say you place a small order of 2,500 60pt medium weight custom coasters. That’s $451, or $0.1804 each. Consider that most bartenders will use your coasters for up to half a dozen patrons, this means that a single coaster can get six impressions at a cost of only $0.03ea! That’s only three cents per impression! Advertising with custom coasters is one of the most economical, and friendly forms of marketing, and it can be done by almost any type of business. Custom coasters in bulk make the most sense financially, compared to other advertising methods.

Lawn care, Dental, Construction, Real Estate, Municipal, Events, Corporate, and on and on. Most kinds of businesses have the opportunity to reach out to new clients through ordering custom printed drink coasters.

“But how do I get my custom coasters out there?” Make a list of local bars and restaurants that have clientele that match who you want to gain as a customer. Go to those establishments, tell them that you’re a local business that wants to give them free coasters because it’s advertising for you. Most places will say yes, because they benefit from getting free coasters. Bartenders can’t stand it when they have run out of coasters to use, because their bar top gets messy! As soon as you have 1-3 establishments that give you the A-Ok to use your custom coasters, place an order with us, and soon enough you will have your advertising in motion. A busy restaurant can go through thousands of custom coasters a month, which means this is an opportunity to get in front of thousands of locals for very little cost.

Let us know if you think custom bar coasters are the right thing for you. Don’t have a design? Email us and we’ll help you out. [email protected].

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