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Ben’s Collection Of Personalized Coasters

Here is a rundown of Ben’s personalized coasters collection, where he goes over what custom coasters are made out of and what they are used for. Big Media Printing has produced coasters for bars, restaurants, events, and hotels all over the world. We have shipped orders to all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. This collection of custom drink coasters includes 40pt coasters, 60pt coasters, and 80pt coasters. 40pt pulpboard is lightweight, 60pt pulpboard is medium weight, and 80pt pulpboard is heavy weight. Coasters are normally 4″ round or 4″ square with rounded corners. They are also available in 3.5″ round or 3.5″ square with rounded corners, or you can order a fully custom coaster shape.

Here are a few examples of how personalized your custom coaster shapes can get: Hexagon, Octagon, Quote Balloon, Water Drop, Ninja Star, Egg, Cloud, Shield/Badge, Scalloped Edge, Basketball Pop-Out, Square Puzzle, Round Puzzle, Triangle, and Oval. Luckily dies have already been made to “punch” out these custom shapes, so the cost of ordering these personalized coaster shapes is less than a fully custom coaster shape. Did you know that all of our bulk coasters are full color, double sided printing? You may also use different designs for the front and back! Keep in mind that every coaster must be the exact same per order.

Do you like collecting things? Want to start a personalized coasters collection of your own? We found a website where you can find vintage coasters for sale! Take a look here:

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