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Mesh Banners

There are construction projects everywhere you go in the city. Right now we are in a construction boom, due to a national housing shortage but also because of low lending rates greasing the financial side of the process. These apartment buildings popping up all over American cities each cost millions of dollars to build. If you are a builder, you want the neighbors to know who is building this building. You can do that by putting your logo on custom mesh banners. It’s good advertising, plus you should be proud of your work, right? That’s where we come in.

If you have an active job site, you definitely want to have a privacy screen to avoid giving off a disorganized look. Mesh custom banners are made out of vinyl, they are 70% material and 30% open air which is perfect for allowing some privacy. This allows them to absorb wind load, which extends the life of your mesh banner. We currently charge $5 per square foot for mesh banners, which includes full color printing and hemmed edges with grommets. Grommets are those little rings on the edge of the banner that you can put zip ties in and run rope through.

Need help designing a personalized mesh banner? We are happy to help you out with a simple layout at no cost. Your logo, and basic information such as a phone number or website are recommended. We will print your banner in vivid color, and will make sure your brand colors are spot-on. Mesh banner production time is normally 24 hours and most orders deliver in one day of transit. You can order your custom printed mesh banners right here:

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