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13oz Vinyl Banner Vinyl Banners
Display your message big and bold, with affordable full color banners that are safe for outdoor...
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Mesh Banner Mesh Banners
Display your message big and bold, with affordable full color mesh banners that are safe...
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$3 per square foot. This waxy, fibrous paper is both weatherproof and tear resistant. Perfect...
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Fabric Banner Fabric
$9 per square foot. Dye-sublimating custom printed fabric is the most vibrant and durable...
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Canvas Print Large Size Canvas Roll
$10 per square foot. Custom printed canvas is an artist's best friend. Shipped in a tube,...
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Printed Poster Poster
$4 per square foot. 8mil utility paper, 180GSM weight. Semi-gloss finish for indoor events...
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Retractable Banner Stand
Industry standard with a built-in roller and carrying case. 33.5" W x 85" H. Get...
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Pop Up Banner Roll-up Banner Stand
Save money with this economical banner stand, manual roll-up. The display size is 33.5" W...
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Examples of our work

What are banners?

We define banners as really big prints on durable materials. This includes vinyl, mesh, fabric, canvas, and poster paper. Technically, a poster is a poster (and not a banner) but this was the best category to put posters in, if we’re being honest.

Nowadays, banners are more popular and most used on the internet. Websites have banners, which are simply messages that are meant to stand out so you read them. The original kind of banners (printed banners) serve the same purpose, but in real life. Anywhere that you need a message to be displayed loud and clear, the good old-fashioned banner is your trusty friend.

For outdoors, the vinyl banner is your go-to choice and it also happens to be the most economical banner material. What is vinyl banner material? It is a weather resistant, synthetic, rubbery material that lasts a long time in the outdoors, especially in tandem with the UV ink that is printed on them. Our vinyl banners have what is called a ‘scrim’ embedded in the material, that serves to stop the banner from ripping. Vinyl banners are tear-resistant and the strongest banner material.

This leads us to mesh banner material. Mesh banners are in fact made from the same vinyl material, but there are “holes” in the substrate that give it 30% total open space so that air can blow through it. Why would you want holes in your material to absorb wind load? Because under extremely high winds, a banner can rip apart at the edges, and reducing the wind impact on the banner by 30% will help your banners last a lot longer. When you order mesh banners, there is also the option of adding “webbing” which is a hardy fabric belt that is sewn into the hems to make them extra difficult to tear. If you are putting a banner on a fence, it is going to have more wind exposure, and just may want to print it on mesh with added webbing.

Fabric banners have the softest look, and are without a doubt the most premium banner we offer. They are used mainly indoors for trade shows, events, retail displays, or anywhere someone needs a banner with the best quality feel. Fabric banners also happen to be as sturdy as vinyl banners, so if you want a premium look outdoors, you may confidently use them. We print with the dye-sublimation method which means that the printing is waterproof and will last as long as an outdoor vinyl banner. Keep in mind that fabric banners have a matte finish and are soft to the touch.

Printed Canvas is perfect for an artist who builds their own custom frames with stretcher bars. There is a good chance that we can print canvas prints as large as your client could ever want. We are able to go as wide as 74″ (including bleed) to any length you need. You’ll get your canvas print on a roll, in a box, and ready for stretching and stapling. We do not offer framed canvas prints, and only sell the material trimmed out, on a roll.

If you have an event going on, or you have to let people know about stuff happening on campus, order up some posters. These bad boys are printed on 8mil, 180gsm paper (gsm stands for grams per square meter) which makes these a really beefy poster. They are not water resistant, nor are they weatherproof, but they are printed with UV Ink that will not run, which means they’ll at least hold up for awhile on those street lamps, bus stop bulletins, and power poles.




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